AnneMieke Louwerens

"Where are they now? Continuing to Create!"
Vogue Knitting 40th Anniversary
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BLIK nr. 3, Uitgeverij De Zagerij, 2016.
Tekst Quirine Reijman
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"Dutch Treats "
Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 1992 
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"I have a daily need for colour, like I have for food."
By Ingrid van Santen, 02/09/04
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"Bijzondere Banen in het Buitenland"
Viva (Dutch)
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"Een Hollandse trui, made in New York"
De Telegraaf, 04/03/89 (Dutch)
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"Fashion Upstarts"
Women's Wear Daily, 25/11/87
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"Binnenkijken in New York"
VT Wonen, 1993 (Dutch)
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"Advance Notice"
Vogue Knitting, 1984
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"New York Designers"
Vogue Knitting, Spring/Summer 1989
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